Christian F Kintz

Installation view, Konstruktiv Tendens 2000

Installation view, Konstruktiv Tendens 2000

Installation view, Konstruktiv Tendens 2000

The picture is the painting. The painting is the picture. The image is color and color material. The color and the color material are the sole testimony of the image.

The color does not occur for a shape, is not flesh, not water, not light. It is not a symbol of anything outside of itself. It is not translation and thus remains untranslatable. It is not illusion, not conjuring work. It is not surface that hides or creates another truth. She is her own fleeting truth.

The color is free. She is dismissed from serving as a whistleblower. Green does not indicate hope, red not on love, blue and yellow not on Mephistopheles or fist.

The color is exempt from having to explain. Your viewer to be free to search for explanations outside the color. For the answer to the question: What do you mean?, falls short and always the same: me!

The color is not free. Does not, however, exempt from anything else. She means herself. It means itself, depending on its place, its counterparts, its beholder. These are many meanings and conditions:

From image to image from color to color.

The individual pictures are taken from the storage crates, like letters to the setting box, and assembled into a common structure. This in itself carries its decomposition back into individual images, which in turn can be re-joined.

The formation of such structures is painting with painting.

By the distances between the images, the interruptions in the structure, it becomes clear that the separate belong together and the related can be separated.

Each image is therefore able to influence any other image, thus redefining its influence on any other image; And can be re-defined by any other image.

The interruptions in the structure become the place of image creation.

From picture to picture the colors come into contact with colors.
The meaning of the color is its effect. This always changes by keeping the same:

The color is.

C F Kintz


Born 1968 in Freiburg, Germany.
Lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.


Studies: Free Art, Akademie Freiburg (Franz Ostermann)

Graduation from the University of Freiburg
Studies: Free Art, H.b.K. Hamburg (K.P. Brehmer, Franz Erhard Walther, Achim Hoops)

Diploma Free Art H.b.K. Hamburg

Selected Exhibitions

Galerie Garanin, Berlin
Kunsterverein Harburg, "jäger sammler maler", Hamburg
Feld für Kunst "spielfeld", Hamburg

Studio A, museum gegenstandsfreier kunst, Otterndorf
Kunstforum Mainturm, Flörsheim

Blüten (white wall for pintings) Gemeinschaftsarbeit mit Lutz Krüger zimmer-frei, Attendorn
SWR mit Galerie Krohn, Freiburg
Galerie Garanin, Berlin

Demmel Kunstprojekte, Osnabrück
Multiples, Ausstellungsraum Taubenstr, Hamburg

Stipendiaten, Kunsthaus, Hamburg
Halle 5, Attendorn
"Problem Malerei" Kunstverein, Gütersloh
Galerie Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm
Hamburgstipendium (Hubertus Wald Stipendium)

Foyer für junge Kunst, Vereins + West Bank, Harburg
"Hans in Glück" Das Kunstwerk, Köln
"Waage", Hamburg
"lücke", KX Kunst auf Kampnagel, Hamburg
"croma" Kunsthochschule, Bergen

XY, Hamburg
Diplomandenaustellung, K3, Hamburg

Galerie Krohn, Badenweiler
"Raumfragen", A.f.d.K., Hamburg

Kunstraum Alter Wiehrebahnhof, Freiburg

Abschlussausstellung, Akademie, Freiburg

Storchehus, Wehr