Eva Sjöberg

Uppehåll, 2007, acrylic glass, Ø 20 cm, height 30 cm

Vandring, 2007, acrylic glass, Ø 20 cm, height 30 cm

Invändning, 2007, acrylic glass, Ø 20 cm, height 40 cm

Tidsrymd, 2000, stainless steel, 37 x 46 x 96 cm

Eva Sjöbergs's work is often intense and intellectual, but also poetic in its ability to project concentation and highly charged energy. Her sculptural language has its roots in Constructivism and is characterized by accuracy and control.

In carefully formulated geometric sculpture she willingly allows variability to become essentially a play on optical effects. Beautiful geometry and magical light excites our senses, a feast of light that stems from the traditional concept of light as a creativ element.

Eva Sjöberg uses steel plate, with its inherent hard, cold surface and yet she manages to infuse the material with a soft lustre and sensualism. Her sculptures radiate a sense of space, which is ever changing, depending on the angle of the observer's perception and the play of light. Light and darkness, foreground and background, alternate with each other depending on the observer's position in the room. Her work juxtaposes precition and purity with asperity and colour. With subdued expression she tries to attain a visual clarity, where lines, surfaces and textures together build an aesthetic geometry.

The substance of Eva Sjöberg's sculpture and relief is much greater than anticipated because the seemingly simple first impression becomes tremendously more complex, given time.

Jörgen Klinthage (Translation into english by Sylvia Fullman)


Born 1951 in Gävle, Sweden.
Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.


  1. 1979-1982
    1. Gävle School of Art
  2. 1982-1986
    1. The University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Konstfack, Stockholm

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  1. 1994
    1. Gallery Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm
  2. 1995
    1. Gallery Ferm, Malmö
  3. 1995
    1. Gallery 18 karat, Söderhamn
  4. 1997
    1. Gallery Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm
  5. 1999
    1. Gallery Strömbom, Uppsala
  6. 2000
    1. Gallery K, Gävle
  7. 2003
    1. Swedish art support association Gallery, Örebro
  8. 2004
    1. Gallery Strömbom, Uppsala
  9. 2005
    1. Gallery Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm
  10. 2006
    1. Väsby Konsthall, Upplands Väsby

Selected Group Exhibitions

  1. 1990
    1. Cultural Summer-90, Vetlanda, Eksjö, Tranås, Nässjö
  2. 1992-1998, 2000-2006
    1. Geometric Abstraction, Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm
  3. 1996
    1. Gallery K, Gävle
  4. 1997
    1. Gallery Du Nord, Borås
  5. 1998
    1. Gallery Kvarnen, Söderhamn
  6. 1998
    1. Perceptible, England-Sweden, Gallery Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm
  7. 1999
    1. Exhibition Energia, Pannhus 11, Västerås
  8. 1999-2004
    1. Gallery Strömbom, Uppsala
  9. 2006
    1. Galleri von Waldenburg, Waldenburg, Germany
  10. 2006
    1. The Time, Edsvik art Gallery and Gallery Infra, Sollentuna
  11. 2007
    1. Åminne Bruksmuseum, Åminne, Sweden
  12. 2007
    1. Erfurt museum for Concrete art, Erfurt, Germany


  • Municipal and County Councils in Gävle, Uppsala, Örebro and Stockholm
  • Statens Konstråd - The National Public Art Council Sweden

Public Works

  1. 2002
    1. Abstractly Meetings Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge