Lore Bert

Weisse Form, 2003, object in Japan paper, 110 x 110 cm

Roter Kreis, 2002, object in Japan paper, 100 x 100 cm

Goldene Form, 2002, transparent with Japan paper and gold, 100 x 100 cm


Born 1936 in Giessen, Germany.
Lives and works in Mainz, Germany and Venice, Italy.

  1. 1953-57
    1. Studies at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts and the WKS Darmstadt.
  2. 1954
    1. First study trip to Paris.
  3. 1955
    1. Four-week study tour of Italy. Intensive work with sacred buildings.
  4. 1956
    1. Marriage.
  5. 1957
    1. Four-week study trip through Spain.
  6. 1958
    1. Birth of the son.
  7. 1960
    1. Birth of the daughter.
  8. 1963-69
    1. Informal Strukturbilder.
  9. 1971
    1. First Prague trip.
  10. 1972-76
    1. Constructive compositions with Far Eastern references, watercolor Cycle mandala.
  11. 1977
    1. First solo exhibition.
  12. 1977-80
    1. Period exclusive drawing.
  13. 1980
    1. Two-month trip to the south of Turkey, travel drawings.
  14. 1982
    1. First collages with Fernostlichen papers: Working with Japan Paper on paper and canvas.
  15. 1983
    1. First image objects: work on paper and canvas is filled with volume.
  16. 1984
    1. First room objects: volumes dissolve from canvases and become independent.
  17. 1985
    1. Atelier in Montreal. First image objects with GE-wrinkled papers. Stays in Chicago and New York. First installations with Gekruschelten papers. First paper rooms.
  18. 1986
    1. Concentration of white images and objects. Moving to the Atelier Nackstrasse.
  19. 1987
    1. Beginning of the collage cycle in the sign of the metric. Group of Works panel paintings.
  20. 1988
    1. First image objects with Gekruschelten Asian papers. First transparent (paper-wall-objects), with volume-filled paper-images from Japan-paper without image carrier.
  21. 1989
    1. First poetic transparent: paper images filled with cotton wool and labelled with words.
  22. 1990
    1. First wind sculpture in the outdoor area. First presentation of the works concepts, drafts for temporary, spatial work.
  23. 1991
    1. First presentation of the relief collages.
  24. 1992
    1. Poetic Transparent. Concentration on circular images, theme center. Head of Ernes project with art students of the campus of Fine Arts on the occasion of the Mandala Festival in Kathmandu. Travel through the Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayas.
  25. 1993
    1. First Plexiglas box filled with Japan paper and labeled. Production of the 12-part collage cycle Europe-identity in the difference for Brussels.
  26. 1994
    1. First environments with neon signs. Overall work of art properties.
  27. 1995
    1. First paper sculptures. Enlargement of the Europe cycle (now 15 pieces) around the 3 newly added Member States. Total art work traces of memory-signs of the present at the Palácio Nacional in Sintra with 10 installations in the historically furnished rooms.
  28. 1996
    1. First work with Egyptian numbers and characters. Project spiritual values in Cairo. Workshop with, art students at the Dokki College of Education for Arts, music and media. First sculptures with paper under Plexiglas.
  29. 1997
    1. Veit experiments with neon tubes in the form of Egyptian numbers. First neon installation in the outdoor area. Invention of neon-KugeIn; Employment with Cantor quantity theory for Reykjavik.
  30. 1998
    1. First basic work: constructive drawings with collage, based on architectural floor plans (mosques). Intensive employment with Immanuel Kant's Transcendental Aesthetics. There are numerous text banners and the second solo exhibition in Seoul idea-Phenomenon-perception.
  31. 1999
    1. Invitation as an honorary artist to the 4 ' Sharjah International Arts-Biennial under the theme of globalisation and localization in art. Confrontation with Nelson Goodman's writings of world production and languages of art.
  32. 2000
    1. First work with gold leaf. Continuation of the series in the sign of the metric on wax paper.
  33. 2001
    1. Design of the entrance area in the new building of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Bayreuth with font-transparent. The Opus environment appears. The work directory of spatial works in the chorus publishing house.
  34. 2002
    1. Continuation of the basic work with floor plans of Romanesque churches on Transparen-Tens, image objects and folding field works. Collaboration with the jewellery designer Günter Krauss. Stones in quatrefoil form are inserted into image objects.
  35. 2003
    1. Koi series and commencement of Fuoco work in connection with the cycle Architettura Veneziana. Floor plans and forms elements of Italian architecture on transparent, image objects and wax paper. The book Lore Bert appears. Main works in the chorus-Verlag.