Monica Urwitz leaning against a sculpture by Lars Erik Falk outside the gallery in 1991

Axel Knipschild and Monica Urwitz, the founders of the gallery

About the gallery

Konstruktiv Tendens is a gallery specialized in non-figurative art. The gallery has since the beginning consistently represented emerging and established Swedish and international artists working within abstract, concrete and constructive art.

Konstruktiv Tendens was founded in 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden by the artist Axel Knipschild and Monica Urwitz. Following Axel Knipschild's unexpected death in 1983, Monica Urwitz has continued to operate the gallery at the same premises at Nybrogatan 69.

Konstruktiv Tendens has since the beginning represented Swedish artists such as Olle Baertling, Lars Erik Falk and Gert Marcus. Through a wide network of contacts with international artists and collaboration with international galleries, Konstruktiv Tendens has been able to present artists such as Alan Green, Bridget Riley, Antonio Calderara, Klaus Staudt and Richard Paul Lohse.

The gallery has through the years participated in international art fairs in Basel, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Paris. At the gallery's annual group exhibitions entitled Geometrisk Abstraktion a wide range of non-figurative art has been presented in addition to avant-gardists like Vasilij Kandinskij, Georges Vantongerloo and Auguste Herbin.

Konstruktiv Tendens has been a focal point for many artists, collectors and artlovers. For many years the gallery organized debates, discussion evenings and lectures about non-figurative art.

In 2009, the gallery left the premises at Nybrogatan 69 in Stockholm after 28 fabulous years. Konstruktiv Tendens lives on in other forms and continues to participates in various exhibitions. Works from many of the artists are still available.